Financial highlights

  • Gross sales up 29% to £551.1m
  • Adjusted1 EBITDA up 138% to £22.0m (adjusted1 EBITDA margin 4.0%)
  • Adjusted1 EBT loss £8.7m
  • Profitability reached in second half
  • Adjusted1 H2 EBIT profit £0.9m
  • Q4 EBT profit £0.3m
  • Cash (including treasury deposits) of £154.6m at year end

Statutory highlights

  • Net revenue up 28% to £515.7m
  • Operating loss reduced by 63% to £5.4m, including £3.5m of one-off IPO costs
  • Loss before tax reduced by 52% to £12.2m, including £3.5m of one-off IPO cost

Operational highlights

  • Average orders per week up 31% to 92,916
  • Items delivered exactly as ordered were 99% for the year
  • Deliveries on time or early were 95% for the year
Active customers
Gross sales
NET assets

1 Adjusted to exclude one-off IPO costs of £3.5m