Our values

We continue to focus on our core values that underpin our mission:
"to revolutionise the way people shop forever; by giving them a uniquely innovative and greener alternative to traditional grocery shopping."

Ocado Value

We use inspired thinking and cutting-edge technology to keep honing our uniquely efficient delivery model. This helps us to drive down prices and guarantee exceptional value for money

Price and good value for money are key elements in consumer choice. Delivering value to our customers is about ensuring that we have the products that customers want to buy and sell them at a fair price. The unique model that we operate allows us to remove operating costs. We invest these savings in the customer by operating a number of competitive price matching features and continue to expand our own-label range 'Ocado', demonstrating our commitment to provide attractively priced products.

Ocado Service

We have a passion for delivering quality groceries in perfect condition and on time, while treating our customers with care and honesty. This helps us to share our vision of a different way of shopping: a better, greener and more convenient one

We are a service orientated retailer and we never forget that our relationship with our customers is key to our success. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations in all that we do. We aim to develop and provide an innovative and bespoke service that allows us to deliver to our customers what they want, when they want and in a way that exceeds their expectations. As a result, we continue to attract increasingly loyal customers from a broad demographic.

Ocado Choice

We love what we do, and are proud of all the wonderful groceries that we sell. This drives us on to offer the widest choice imaginable, and ensures everything we sell is always of the highest quality

We pride ourselves at being able to offer our customers a wide range of products including being at the forefront of food trends, enabling us to confidently recommend to our customers new or alternative product ideas that are aligned to customers' purchasing profiles. We look to create successful relationships with suppliers who share our values and who are focused on customer service, technical innovation and continuous improvement – criteria at the centre of our long-term procurement ambitions enabling us to offer greater choice. This enables us to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Ocado Growth

We care passionately about our environment. This spurs us on to provide a greener, more sustainable alternative to old-fashioned, store-based supermarket chains

We strive to make shopping at Ocado better for our customers, better for their groceries and better for the planet. We have a revolutionary green approach to selling groceries. Each delivery van replaces multiple car journeys every single day; by saving our customers a trip to a supermarket we help to reduce the number of cars on the road each day. Because our groceries are delivered directly from a dedicated warehouse the time from grower or supplier to the customer's home is reduced. This means customers get longer to enjoy their purchases and reduces the amount of food waste.